Sunday, May 19, 2013


If you’re serious about letting the public know about your book, you should consider attending events that will allow you to showcase your books. Attending author events can be a great way to interact with the public but it’s important to communicate in a manner that will increase the growth of your trade name.
Here are a few helpful tips to help you build a network while interacting with your peers.
Ø  Your interaction with potential customers should be equivalent to your interaction with other authors. They were readers before they became a writer. 

Ø  Always maintain a pleasant face and refrain from excessive staring it can alienate you from your audience.
Ø  When interacting at an author’s event, always find a way to engage the audience. You can read an excerpt from your book or simply tell them something interesting about your work.

Ø When you meet a fellow author, never say that you haven’t heard of them. It is considered a cunning way to insult them. This happens more often than you think.  It is important to remember that every encounter is an opportunity to learn something new about yourself. Refrain from bragging. Don’t get defensive be proactive. Remember everyone is a potential customer. Simply say, “Well you can learn more about me by going to my website or any other relevant source.” Both of you should leave the conversation learning something about the each other.

Ø You will meet many wonderful people at these types of events but some will grow on you.  They will exude positive energy, concentrate on what matters and behave in a professional supportive manner. Be sure to get their business cards and promote their works when the opportunity arises.