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A Review of Jade Sky ( A Matt Rowley Novel) by Patrick Freivald

Genre: Militia, Science Fiction
Book Description
Matt Rowley hasn't been human for years. A commando for the International Council on Augmented Phenomena, he hunts down superhuman monsters the military can't handle. But his abilities come with a price: bloodthirsty whispers that urge him to acts of terrible violence. An encounter with a giant, angelic being with wings of smoke and shadow casts him into a world of inhuman brutality, demonic possession, and madness, where he must choose between his family and his soul.

The Review
Matt Rowley, an ICAP commando, and his crew are always on the move. This time, they are inside a warehouse.  It should be an easy operation, with little to no casualties. They maneuver the building and encounter more resistance than they had expected, but they hold off the goons long enough to make it to the helicopter. Once they are out of harm’s way, Matt and his boss debate the likelihood that something was off about the mission.

From then on, disturbing events unfold, and Matt and his team learn things that would make grown augmented men shudder—things that might very well strip away everything they know and love. In the meantime, ICAP kept them busy, sending them to foreign lands to spearhead negotiations with a Jade dealer.

Midway, Matt and his squad are propelled into a high-octane bloodlust fight. Lives are extinguished, some they regret, others not so much. Cursing the choice he was forced to make, Matt soldiers on, determined to find out what went wrong.
Will he find out what caused all of the chaos or will they die before learning the truth?
I like that…
Matt can crush a trachea with his thumb, but when he is at home with his wife, Monica, he is a different man.  Even when he feels like his humanity is slipping away, she is the thread that holds him together.

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I’m looking forward to reading the sequel, BLACK TIDE, which comes out 4/17.

Author Bio

Patrick Freivald is a two-time Bram Stoker Award nominee, a teacher (physics, robotics, American Sign Language), beekeeper, and author, and coach of an award-winning competition robotics team for high school students.
He lives in Western New York with his loving wife, birds, dogs, cats, and several million stinging insects.   

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Facebook Blog TAKEOVER: Desperate Trails, A Romantic Excursion

Facebook Blog TAKEOVER: Desperate Trails, A Romantic Excursion

Today, I'm taking over Once Upon a Crush. Join me to learn more Desperate Trails, my newly released romance mystery.


The Blurb

If the opportunity arose, Drew Tanner would probably trade places with just about anyone. He wasn’t a stranger to misery, but he had an unquenchable need for acceptance that spanned his entire childhood leading up to the present. Throughout that time, he saw how elusive and fickle the nature of love could be, and experienced unyielding misfortunes until a newfound friend made those hellish moments somehow bearable.

Despite his new friendship, things at home continue to deteriorate, making it difficult for him to cope with the situation; let alone breathe. But, an opportune moment arises out of his suffering that will potentially change the course of the life he’s known and he’ll have to decide if he wants to continue living this way or choose a new path, a decision that could change his life forever. Whatever he decides, Drew’s life is about to change, and there is no guarantee that his life will change for the better.

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