Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Initiation of Astonia: The Life and Trials of Astonia Series

If you’ve lived in or visited New York City, chances are that you’ve already been to Central Park. I went to Central Park to take pictures of a statue for a book cover. During my search for the statue, I enjoyed the scenery, took pictures of sunbathers basking on the lawn, and watched street performers gyrate to the beat of Congo drums.

After an hour and a half of searching, I looked up at the sky and wiped the sweat from my forehead. Towering above me a few feet away in the lawn was the statue. It turns out I had passed the statue twice and did not see it. I took photos and moved on. The peak of Belvedere Castle punctuated the trees ahead. I decided it would be my next stop.

The castle was smaller than it appeared from the ground level, at least the areas visitors were allowed to browse. I strolled out to the gazebo and took in the broad skyline. The lawn below was freckled with people in a constant state of flux. I left the castle and walked down the slate steps leading to the boardwalk. A moss covered pond sat in front of the castle, Turtle Pond. I walked up to the railing and looked over the edge. Turtles swarmed below the perimeter beneath the railing. I fell in love with the pond and its inhabitants; naturally, the pond found its way into one of my books.

Writing the first book in ‘The Life and Trials of Astonia Series’ was one of the most intriguing writing experiences I’ve had thus far. The Legend of Turtle Pond: The Initiation of Tabitha Obrien was inspired by Turtle Pond. The historical paranormal series is set in a time and place unlike our world, enthused with old world charms and peculiar characters that are bound to engage your imagination.  The Legend of Turtle Pond: The Initiation of Tabitha Obrien is available in three formats. You can buy it at the following link: The Journey Begins Here!

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