Tuesday, August 6, 2013

****************Mila's Summer 2013 Beach Read*******************

The beach is one of my favorite places to be.  I love the feel of the sand beneath my feet, the cool water caressing my body and a tropical breeze brushing against my skin. I  don't live near a beach so, I look for books that will make me feel like I  am  relaxing on a beach  as the sea teases the shoreline.

My Beach Pick is, Wish You Were Here by Amanda McIntyre

The Blurb:

"A broken engagement.

Two BFF’s stuck in a tropical storm in the Keys.
There’s bound to be thunder and lightning.
But what happens after the storm passes?

Ever since certifiably geek Maggie saved the hide of Josh from a mean dog, the two were destined to be best friends. Social barriers kept them closet friends as Josh became popular and Maggie remained the brains that kept the brawn in academic good standing. Maggie carried her secret crush, only to be devastated when given the chance, Josh walks away, leaving her to suffer her unrequited fantasy of being with him.

Maturity reveals to Josh how badly he once treated Maggie. When she calls him then, to tell him of her engagement being cut off, it’s hard for him to be happy about his own wedding plans feeling guilty that Maggie is walking this road alone. Challenged by his bride to be that he may harbor unresolved feelings about his friend, she calls a break in their relationship, challenging him to find out and be sure of what he wants. Determined to prove her wrong, that he only cares for Maggie as a friend, he pays her a surprise visit where she’s gone to relax and recuperate.

He soon realizes that while the choices he’d made long ago were noble, the feelings he had for Maggie then were very real. One afternoon spent catching up with each other’s lives reveals what neither expected--that the embers once thought dead between them are still smoldering." ~Amanda McIntyre

**My rating:  Five flip flops and a Martini .**


Wish You Were Here, read more like...Wish I Was There! I truly enjoyed reading this book. The characters were easy to get to know and I felt their struggle of indecision. Decisions of that caliber are not easy to make and the author does an excellent job relating that. I would definitely recommend this book to others. It’s a book you’d want to have handy as you relax on a towel or chair at the beach. Reading this book made me miss being near the ocean, and the mood that often accompanies such a tranquil place. Wish You Were Here gave me a taste of that feeling and I will cherish it until I walk the sandy shores again.

Enjoy what's left of  the Summer weather. Treat yourself; get  a copy of  Wish You Were Here, and read it under a shaded  tree.  

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