Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WHAT IS YOUR FUEL? By Mila A. Ballentine

I first fell in love with the art of storytelling when I was a small child.  My mother often told us stories about her encounters with the unexplained facets of the complex world in which we live. Her stories were vivid, scary and left an impression on me, even to this day. The most unnerving part was that the stories were true.

Later on, I would fall in love with words and the sound they made when paired together.  My big sister wrote a poem and read it to me. I was smitten by her skillful use of words. I fell in love with poetry that day but it would take a decade and a half before I fell into writing stories.  I say fell because if anyone had said, I would write a short story or a novel I would say, no way! I wrote because it was my sanctuary, the only thing I enjoyed doing besides eating. Writing is my oxygen.

What motivates you?


  1. Your mother's stories sound enticing.
    I am eager to read your interpretations of the stories that motivated you and initiated your love of writing.
    Feed my mind Ms Ballentine,feed me.

    1. Everyone loves a good story that feeds their imagination. I will be releasing a paranormal mystery, hopefully in mid-june. I will post the release date when it is available.