Friday, May 25, 2012

What About The GIRLS?

The topic of puberty has always fascinated me.  It is one of the most important topics a parent will discuss with their preteen daughters. Puberty is a complex topic and this story can make it easier to discuss the topic whether you are a mother or father.

Girls grow up to be women but the journey is not easy.  Puberty is a passport to womanhood and the change is by no means seamless.   A few years ago, I had a conversation with a friend who was blessed with a daughter.  Her demeanor was carefree and she felt her daughter would remain a child forever. Her daughter was 11 at the time. The following year when her daughter turned 12, a mother’s comfort that was once wrapped in the veil of childhood unraveled.   Her daughter came to her and said, “Mom, my period came.” The look on her face was of someone who heard news they were not prepared to handle. She managed to remain calm and they discussed puberty. I have yet to meet a parent who truly enjoys explaining the changes their child will go through.


Times have changed, and girls are going through puberty as young as eight years old. Therefore, parents have to talk to their children at a younger age about a complex issue.  I tried to see the situation through the eyes of a mother and of a child. I hoped to provide a simpler way to begin the conversation about one of the most important journey in a girl’s life.  A story about a mother and her daughter's experience with puberty came to me.  As a result, the children’s book, In The Valley Of Mud And Worms was born.  It is a thought provoking segway into a discussion about puberty.

 Let us inform our girls and prepare them for the changes to come.   If we do not inform our girls, who will?

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How would you discuss puberty with your child and was it seamless?

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