Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Candid Review of The White Masai by Corinne Hofmann


The White Masai

Once I began the journey, I was a reluctant participant trapped in Kenya observing as Corrine found herself assimilating to customs that were vastly different from her own. And once she took a leap of faith, everything she owned became communal property in a place where women have less value than a goat. Therefore, the village milks the golden cow dry.

There were many occasions when I laughed at her alien moments and I truly felt her frustration when things did not go her way. Surprisingly, I celebrated when she found her version of the perfect man. I was there even when she felt alone and helpless and I wept when there were no solutions to the immediate problems she faced. I also felt her desperation, and the need to be free. By the last chapter, I swore if the story did not end sensibly, I would lose it. As I said before, I was emotionally  invested in her journey. Thankfully, Corrine made the right decision in the end.

Whether you agree with her choices or not you cannot deny the eloquence in her writing. There were so many moments when I stopped in awe of her analogies and metaphors. The White Masai is an essential read for any woman who has ever asked the question, what would you do for love?

DISCLAIMER: Readers escape to another reality, if only temporarily, while reading a good book.  When I review a book, I will focus on the entertainment factor, story structure and the eloquence in the writing. I have no desire to undermine an author’s effort. After all, they are responsible for the books we enjoy.
5 stars = Excellent story. I would read it to someone

4 stars = Great story

3 Stars = I liked it

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