Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Matter of Image

It is important for authors to realize that they are a product when promoting their book. Doing so does not strip you of your humanity but it puts you out in the public sphere. Actors have a publicist to help generate and manage publicity. Their efforts also help guide and control their client’s image. If you are an independent author, you probably do not have a publicist, but you can still control your image. 

Self-control is a major factor when it comes to molding your public image. It entails controlling your impulses, emotions and desires. One should not discuss some things in a business environment. Refrain from discussing religion, politics, and personal finances when interacting with your customers. It applies whether it is a face-to-face contact or on social media.

In the matters of religion, if the person you are interacting with has stated that they seek salvation, then you are welcome to discuss religion but otherwise keep your views out of your business endeavors. It is important to state that this does not apply to authors who write religious novels. By nature, we are all religious. Some people are devoted to activities and others are loyal to a higher power.

We all have political views but it is expected that our views will vary. The failure of one party does not constitute the success of another.  We are apart of the same democracy, so unity is essential to progress. During the last presidential election, the rates of people ‘unfriended’ skyrocketed. Some of the posts were excessive and others were borderline offensive. Unless you are into the concept of the catch and release of a potential customer, be mindful that not everyone will share your views.

In the past, I have written articles on motivation. I used examples of how low one can fall. They may even feel success is not achievable but anything is possible with skill and determination. We all struggle with something whether its health, society, or finances but unless you are in a support group or you are having a conversation with a friend, leave it out of your interaction with potential customers.

Authors have more control over their image than they think. Controlling your image should not be mistaken for being fake. You are molding what matters when it concerns your writing.  The distance between you and your friends on social media is vast. It is unlikely that you may ever meet them. Still, they can sense your nature and they do not need to have a degree in the Communications Arts to figure out that you are not what you seem. Your image is important so mold it in a way that compliments you.

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