Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review of Back From Africa by Corinne Hofmann


My thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Back From Africa simply because I felt compelled to find out what happened next in the life of Corinne Hofmann. I felt a sense of kinship while reading The White Masai but not with this book. I was thrilled to see that all that she gave away so willingly was returned to her tenfolds. I especially enjoyed the chapter where she sets out to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I felt the pain of the adventure, and laughed when there was an ounce of humor in the most treacherous moments of the trek up the mountain. 

If you read The White Masai it is essential to follow through and read Back From Africa. If you don't a part of you will always wonder, what happened to Corinne?

What's next? 

 Reunion in Barsaloi. I'd like to know what happens next! 

DISCLAIMER: Readers escape to another reality, if only temporarily, while reading a good book.  When I review a book, I will focus on the entertainment factor, story structure and the eloquence in the writing. I have no desire to undermine an author’s effort. After all, they are responsible for the books we enjoy.


5 stars = Excellent story. I would read it to someone

4 stars = Great story

3 Stars = I liked it

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