Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Look Inside,The Mind's Eye

There are so many things going on in the mind of an artistic person. Writers suffer from a constant stream of information. Authors and inventers have many things in common. Inventors create objects and authors create worlds. Inventors make our lives easier, authors provide an escape from the real world.

The journey to novel writing was an overnight impulse. During the joy of sleeping, I mentally thought of the beginning of a story. I woke up the following day and frantically searched for a paper and pen. I began to write. I wrote every day, on the way to school, during my lunch break, and while waiting in line at the bank. Every ounce of my free time was dedicated to writing. I finished writing three months later with a 40,000-word manuscript.

The writing process allows me to put my thoughts on paper, it's relaxing and it frees up  space in my head. I often wondered, was I the only one with all those thoughts running around in my head? Two years later, I enrolled in a writing course at the university and my question was answered. For the first time since my writing episode, I felt that I was somewhere where like minded people could be themselves. I learned many things, but the most valuable lesson was that I was not the only one with chapters in my head. Taking a writing intensive class freed my creativity. I felt complete.

My advice for anyone who desires to get into the business of creative writing:

·    Take a writing course at a community college. (It's cheaper than a writers workshop)

·    Improve your writing. (Quality sells)

·    Choose a genre you love ( Do not write a genre because it is in style)

·    Join a writers group or get a critique partner (It may take some time to find the right fit) Also, if you have a critique partner he/she should be someone who is supportive of your desire to write, but not afraid to tell you when something sucks!

·    Write every chance you get

·    Always take a writing pad and pen wherever you go. (Don't forget to put one next to your bed)

·    Network with other writers (Published and unpublished)

It is important to mention, there is no single method that guarantees success. Keep writing, continue on the endless pursuit of improving your craft and never give up on your dream of being published.



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