Friday, October 5, 2012

Picture This, Eat That!

I don’t know of anyone who can live without it. When the aroma fills the room, it seduces our mind and body. It’s an out of body experience when it graces the tongue and our taste buds express disgust or delight. We all share a fondness for food!

We need food for nourishment but it’s also an aphrodisiac. It can explain why food magazines invest money in food photography. The reader cannot smell it; so they create an unbelievable visual experience. There is a science to it but it’s not my expertise. I specialize in eating and writing.

I was fortunate to come across an author who blends the best of both worlds, food and writing. Author Genevieve Scholl allowed me to read a scene from her upcoming novel. I was impressed with her ability to invoke similar feelings that one experiences when eating food. The way she wrote about food made my taste buds salivate. It was like reading a scratch and sniff book.

So, I challenged myself to write about food. The following passage is my attempt.

Kelley cut into the center of the turf. Steam rose from the plate releasing a whiff of pepper, garlic and bacon around her.  The hearty surf oozed melted butter and a hint of melon. She cringed at the thought of the juices colliding. Kelley liked her food untainted, but he took the liberty to order for her. She glanced at him and hoped he did not notice her discomfort.

Writing about food seems easy but it is harder than you think. I did a decent job but there is always room for improvement. It’s clear Genevieve Scholl has perfected the art of writing about food and I suspect she may be a great cook!

The following books were written by Author Genevieve Scholl.     A Mother's Day Murder: Donna's Story and A Father's Day Fatality: Tigria's Story



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