Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Happens...While Rebels Sleep?

Last year, the first words of the story were written and three months later, the manuscript was finished. In reality, it was the beginning of an adventure. Rewriting the story took me on a treacherous journey of altering sentences and rearranging sections to improve the flow of the story.

I was in a field of tall razor-sharp grass with a machete in hand, cutting a path through the landscape. Paper cuts littered my flesh. I found bones in the landscape and things that were out of place. When it was over I saw the difference in the rhythm and sentiment of the story.

It is a bittersweet moment when an author releases a book but I am excited to share my story with the world! My new mystery thriller While Rebels Sleep will be available on Tuesday October 16, 2012. 


The Blurb:

There is no medical explanation that can explain the reason why Anya Polanski lived. Some would say it’s a miracle and others would say it’s a curse.  She struggled with accepting a past that she knows little about and an unyielding desire to change the future. 


Everything changes when she encounters a mysterious young man.  Together they embark on an adventure of a lifetime and put all the puzzle pieces of the past together in the process. 

The Book Trailer:








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