Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Unyielding Devotion to Write...

I think we have all heard of the phrase ‘starving artist.’ I would be lying if I said, 'I know what it feels like to be hungry and not have food to eat,’ but we all know what it is like to be hungry. Chances are you will not get rich by writing novels but when you are passionate about something, it can consume your life. Artists and authors are not strangers to struggle or ridicule. Overtime your skin will toughen; but if writing is your passion, you are not alone.




It is important to have your book reviewed. If you get a favorable review, it is a gift. Every best seller has readers who love or hate the book. Listen to constructive criticism and ignore destructive criticism. Sometimes people will tear your dreams down when they do not have the means to pursue their own.


When you have conflicting emotions use those feelings as a crutch. If the phone is disconnected and you feel isolated from the world, do not worry, you are not alone. Stephen King’s landline phone was disconnected when he got an offer for Carrie. If you are passionate about writing and others validate your ability, improve your technique and let your passion fuel your creativity.


  1. This was so inspirational and moving. Thank you for sharing your love of writing and your insight. You always let us know that money shouldn't stop us from our passion.

    1. Thank you. Money is important but passion is priceless. I am glad you enjoyed it.