Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Element of Creativity, Author Genevieve Scholl

If I could combine earth, wind, air and fire, it would personify Author Genevieve Scholl. Genevieve and the characters she so graciously shares with the world in her mysteries are intriguing.

She is a quiet fire on the publishing scene but do not underestimate her talent, creativity, and passion for all of her crafts. She dabbles in many creative ventures besides writing. Genevieve is also a photographer, crafter, and a few other intriguing things.

The aspiring paralegal plans to be a district attorney someday. When she arrives at that plateau her stories will get juicier. I am excited to share the following interview with author Genevieve Scholl.

I sat across from her and she spoiled me with her presence. I learned a lot about Genevieve Scholl now it is your turn.

Getting to know Miss Scholl…

1.      I have noticed that many authors seem to dabble in other creative endeavors.   Is there a common denominator you all share?

G.S:  I have been told plenty of times that other authors are into photography as much as I am, although they don’t do it as a career on the side.

2.      What is the one thing you feel all authors have in common?

G.S: Hmmm, that’s an interesting one. I think we’re all different, but I do think that we all have that moment of anxiety in common when we are working on a book.

3.       If you could have a super power, what would it be?

G.S:  Well, being a huge fan of the TV show Charmed, I’d have to say that I would love to be able to freeze people like Piper does. J

4.      Is there a ritual you do each time you start or finish a novel?

G.S: Lol, actually yes. I’m not going to give too much away, but before the start of a new novel I “talk” to my characters. Also, as I’ve mentioned on Facebook before, I become my characters. I find their special personality trait and I experience it as much as I can. Let me explain… For an example, I have one character who loves to sit around her home in a man’s button up shirt; so as I write that story, I wear one also. I always have to wear rings when I am writing. Don't know why, but over the years it has become a superstition of mine. I seem to write better when I am wearing the rings.

5.      What qualities do you feel an author should have to be successful in the world of publishing?

G.S :  I think determination is very important when you are an author. There are a lot of times when you want to give up, but if you don’t have determination, you could never get through those moments. Also, I think a strong personality is important. Especially when it comes to editors and book cover designers. It’s your book, so don’t let anyone walk all over you. Your book should be your decision.

6.      If you could live in any ancient community which would it be and why?

G.S:  Ancient Ireland. All you have to do is read some of the old stories and your heart just sighs… Or at least mine does lol J

7.      Do you have a specific genre that you write in or do you write other genres?

G.S:  I dabble in all genres, but my comfort zone is Erotica.

8.      If you had a commercial spot on a major network and you could advertise your novels, what would you say to the public?

G.S:  Wow, that’s a unique question. I am not very good in front of the camera, so I think I would just be honest and be myself. I’d tell the public that I have a passion for writing and that when you have a passion for something, you should pursue it.

WWMD (what would Mila do?) hmm...
I took the liberty to put myself in her shoes.
M.A.B: Light suspenseful music plays in the background. Genevieve takes a casual stroll through a forest, a man becomes lucid, and a chase follows. Eventually she falls but his muscular arms welcome her and cushions her fall. He looks into her eyes, “I’d like to read to you.”
He removes her book, “A Mother's Day Murder: Donna's Story” from the shoulder bag strapped around his bare chest and starts reading one of her love scene as she swoons below. The camera zooms in and fades out to the pictures of her books.

A Mother's Day Murder: Donna's Story 



From the moment I read the first page, I was invested in the lives of the characters.  If I dared to walk away from the world Genevieve Scholl created, the pages beckoned me and brought me back to the comfort of the pages. When I thought I knew who did what, I was forced to rethink my reasoning.  Still, I cannot forget the love scene, it set fire to the pages and my mind went up in flames with it.  I had to fan myself with my hands.  I truly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it to other avid readers.  Genevieve Scholl leaves you wanting MORE!

A Father's Day Fatality: Tigria's Story  



A Father's Day Fatality Tigria's Story is a fast-paced novel. There is no shortage of mystery or mayhem and the intimate scenes add to the allure of the story. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book. We are waiting Genevieve...


I had a lot of fun doing this interview. Thank you Genevieve Scholl for your time and talents.

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  1. Wow, I really like what you did when you were "in my shoes". Great job! Thank you for the interview, I really enjoyed it!

    1. Your welcome, I had a ball doing it. Thanks again. <3

  2. Unfortunately, there will be no third book, but there is a short story I wrote to end it all :) If anyone reads this blog and wants that file just ask!

    1. As long as you keep writing,I don't think your fans would mind. :)