Monday, November 12, 2012

Author On The Scene

Authors gather inspiration for their stories from various sources. However, authors use different aspects of each source to aide them in the creative process. Life experience is one of the most fruitful sources to use when writing.  Traveling to foreign countries and listening to music from other cultures can give an author a new perspective. We can learn a lot about our culture through the eyes of someone from another culture. Movies  aide an author with the creative process. No matter what source an author uses it can be an essential part of the journey.
 Academy nominated movies can be extremely helpful. When I watch movies, I watch them to get a sense of how the video editor creates a product that flows from one scene to the other effortlessly. Though I am sure the video editor would not say it was effortless. It is a difficult task. It requires a keen eye and attention to detail. The same is true for music. In every great song there is consistency or else it will sound disjointed. Music can be magical when it is produced properly.  Traveling can be expensive but you do not have to get on a plane to travel. You can watch the Travel Channel, or read travel magazines. When I travel, it brings out my inner child.  I become curious about everything and want to experience the environment.

A movie director, music producer and an author essentially have the same duties.  They create an experience that touches the audience. If there are hiccups in the delivery, it will muddy the experience. 

ΓΌ  It is important to blend scenes by connecting something in the previous scene to the next. If a scene ends with a woman swimming at the beach, the next scene can begin with water running over her head in the shower. Water is the common denominator in both scenes. 

Creating seamless scenes is not easy; it takes time to get it right but the reader will be grateful.

Examples of excellent scene transition:

1. The Color Purple – You will need a box of Kleenex. It is a tragic story but the transitions are beautifully executed. 

2. Everybody’s Fine – It is a thought provoking movie with nice transitions.

3. The Avengers – It is an action packed movie with nice transitions.

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I'm do you create seemless scenes?


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    1. Great addition. Music producers are definately an important aspect of the process. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject.